Hydro-Oxy Hydro Oxy uses a specialized technology to support the transport of oxygen, hydrogen and other essential nutrients into the cells for optimal nutrition, hydration and oxygenation, and the removal of waste and toxins out of cells.*
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Nitro Power Formulated to give you eight to twelve hours of clean burning energy utilizing a natural plant based nitric oxide, which would most likely help clean out arteries and speed up the healing process.*
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Perfect Plus Often referred to as “the perfect food”, Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) and Germ contain a full array of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients plus more than 105 antioxidant compounds that excel at scavenging free radicals in the body to help promote longevity, energy and optimal health.* High in protein and an excellent source of fiber, SRB is one of the richest sources of B-complex vitamins found in nature and includes all the essential fatty acids necessary to maintain a healthy diet. Perfect Plus combines non-chemically processed Stabilized Rice Bran (SRB) and Rice Germ with MSM, FOS, TMG, Vanadyl Sulfate, and Biotin.*
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MSM/TMG Capsules As an important source of bioavailable dietary sulfur, MSM supports the health and recovery of every cell in your body.* Difficult to get from food and easily lost during processing and storage, sulfur is an essential nutrient that’s in short supply in most individuals.*
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Whether you are just beginning a new cardio exercise routine or you are a highly active athlete, the Athletic Plus Package is for you! By making you more efficient in utilizing oxygen, your improved cardiovascular ability will take your athletic performance to the next level. This package is great for both beginners and advanced athletes! Get more out of you daily workout regimen!