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Paramune Plus

Essential Oils for Colds - Ozonated Olive Oil - Parasite Cleanse For Microbial Balance

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Paramune Plus supports the body to eliminate harmful anaerobic organisms and combat against anaerobic organisms. Supports the immune system and total body health.*
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Made in California
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About Product
  • Anti-parasitic, ozonated antimicrobial oils 
  • Best used in conjunction with Paramune 5
  • Promotes immune system health
  • Promotes intestinal and colon health
  • Encourages normal bowel elimination
More about this product

Paramune Plus is a parasite cleanse that eliminates harmful anaerobic organisms that flourish in environments with little or no oxygen. Our product features powerful yet gentle, ozonated, oxygen-embedded oils to eliminate and combat against anaerobic organisms supporting immune system health and whole-body wellness.

What's in this product?
Ozonated Castor Oil
Ozonated Olive Oil
Ozonated Clove Oil
Ozonated Wormdwood Oil
Castor Oil
Black Cumin Oil
Walnut Oil
Marjoram Oil
Wormdwood Oil
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out of 40 ratings

(40 reviews)
- by Noor, 2022-09-01 16:09:54

3.53 / 5 stars

Hi there, Can you tell me if / what the emulsifier in your ozonated oils are (PARAMUNE ETC.) Does it contain Polysorbate 80 e.g.? Sincerely, Noor Morey

Response from SGS Team :

Hi Noor! Thank you for your question. We do not use an emulsifier for our Paramune oils.

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