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Immune Sweet
  • Versatile sugar substitute that’s packed with vitamins
  • Supports immune function health, blood sugar balance, weight management
  • Enhances flavor of food and beverages

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Back by over 25 years of Research


  • Our delicious natural sweetener is a sugar substitute supplement packed with Beta Glucan, Jaggery Palm, Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Xylitol 
  • Our two main ingredients are scientifically cited to promote immune system function and overall health
  • When used regularly it may deter negative side effects of caffeine and sugar while promoting oral and dental health
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Low glycemic natural, sugar alcohol sweetener. Sugar alcohols occur naturally in plant products such as fruits and berries.

A diabetic-friendly sugar substitute, Xylitol provides approximately 40% less calories than regular sugar and converts to glucose more slowly requiring little to no insulin to be metabolized. Because of this slow conversion, Xylitol doesn't cause sudden increases in blood sugar. 

Xylitol has been shown to be a dentist’s dream: it can help reverse the destructive effects of regular sugars on dental health, it is nonfermentable (unlike sugar), and it does not convert to acids by oral bacteria, so it helps maintain a operitaml acid/alkaline balance in the mouth. 

Long-term use of Xylitol has been shown to promote oral and dental health. 

Beta Glucan:
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Glucan is a natural, non-toxic mushroom extract that promotes a positive extract that promotes a positive immune response and is found in every living thing- from the smallest blade of grass to an elephant!

Immunologists have known of the immune-supporting benefits of Beta Glucan for decades. The regular use of Beta Glucan helps promote resistance from everyday stress and encourages detoxification. 

Individuals with compromised immune systems can especially benefit from its use. Beta Glucan is safe and beneficial for everyone, but particularly for families with small children.
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Another potent mushroom extract, Chaga has been used for thousands of years in Asia to support the immune system. A known adaptogen, Chaga mushroom, has been shown to aid the body in achieving balance and homeostasis. 

With its naturally high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this super good is used to synergistically enhance our proprietary formulation. 

Recent studies have also been found that Chaga may support apoptosis (ability to inhibit growth) of unhealthy cells. We love Chaga and its many benefits and know you will too!
Jaggery Palm Extract:
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A rare sap from Indian palm trees, Jaggery Palm Extract has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. 

With its naturally sweet flavor (with a slight hint of cocoa and vanilla), Jaggery Palm Extract, was a perfect addition to our formulation.
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A highly underutilized nutrient, Chitosan can help block the absorption of fat and aid in weight management. Combined with the powerhouse leptons in the Jaggery Palm Extract, it synergistically aids in natural appetite control. 

Where Chitosan is typically extracted from shellfish, ours comes from the sugar cane, making it 100% vegetarian and safe for anyone with a shellfish allergy.
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