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Affiliate Program

Why join?
Share top quality vitamins and nutritional supplements from Super Good Stuff with your website visitors. Help your audience nutritional well-being, including adrenal support formula, bodybuilding DHEA, mental focus supplement, natural sleep aide and much more.
  • anyone-can-become-an-affiliate
    Anyone Can Become
    an Affiliate
    Are you a blogger?
    Are you a health enthusiast?
    Or just a current customer?
  • quick-and-easy-integration
    Quick and Easy
    It takes you only 3 clicks to start selling.
  • 365-return-days
    365 Return
    All-year-around active cookies. We pay for each save, not just for the first one.
  • progressive-commission-plan
    Commission Plan
    Increase your commission rate up to 10% when recording sales of $100 and all the way up to 30% when recording $750 in a 90 days period.
  • we-pay-globally-and-quickly
    We Pay Globally
    and Quickly
  • get-for-recruiting-affiliates
    Get $ for Recruiting
    Your cut is 3% life-long. Build your own Empire fast by spreading the world!