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  • Powerful proprietary product that helps hair, skin, nails, brain function, and cellular health
  • Helps your body in the detoxification process
  • A synergy of MSM and TMG to give your body the best benefits of both working together 

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Our Best Selling Product

  • Our formula maintains cell membrane permeability that ensures that nutrients and water can enter enter the cell while supporting elimination of toxins and waste
  • MSM is recognized as the ‘beauty’ mineral, as it supports cellular efficiency. Other benefits include joint mobility and flexibility, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and hormone balance health.
In depth analysis

MSM is the main form of bioavailable sulfur in the body and it is stored in every cell. MSM helps promote joint mobility and flexibility, cell oxygenation health, free radical scavenging and helps maintain healthy hair, skin, and nail health. MSM is cited as promoting the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level.

MSM is 34% sulfur, this allows it to help your body produce chemicals to get rid of lactic acid. This is a great benefit for those in the fitness and weightlifting world to support your muscle performance and muscle growth. 

In depth analysis

TMG is a donator of methal groups. TMG is known to get rid of homosistien, which is a major cause of cardiovascular and stroke. It causes inflammation in the cardiovascular system. Methianine turns into homosistien when it loses a methal group. Since it has 3 methal groups, TMG donates one methal group which results in reverting homosistien back in methianine. Methianine is the number one detoxifier. At the same time TMG gets rid of homosistien and produces a detoxifier. After TMG donates a methal group it now turns into DMG (dimethaglycine).

DMG supports oxygen transportation and utilization of oxygen in the brain. Thus resulting in helping brain function. DMG also helps to rebuild the liver. While in the liver DMG produces samy. Samy is a natural antidepressant that is sold as it's own supplement.
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