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Nasal Wash

Botanical Nasal Spray for Sinus, Throat, and Respiratory Support*

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(327 reviews)
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Supports throat, sinus and nasal function and health; balanced mucous production; respiratory health and may aid in normalizing inflammatory response.
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About Product

Our proprietary formulation of twenty-four, immune-supporting botanical oils, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes supports throat, sinus and nasal function and health; balanced mucous production; respiratory health and may aid in normalizing inflammatory response.

All star ingredients: Colloidal Silver, L-Carnosine, MSM, Trace Minerals, Proprietary Blend of Oils (Castor, Olive, Clove, Wormwood, Black Cumin, Walnut, Marjoram, Cinnamon, Bitter Almond, Frankincense, White Thyme, Furfural, Coconut, Primrose, Flaxseed and Pumpkin Seed), Iodine, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Vegetable Surfactant, Beta Glucan, Chaga mushroom, Orange oil, Lomatium dissectum, Taurine.

More about this product
  • Convenient Liquid Spray. Gently irrigates. Replaces the Neti Pot!
  • Support for sinus, throat and respiratory health
  • Support for seasonal allergies, cold and flu
  • Promotes sinus health. May aid postnasal discomfort, excess mucous and congestion
What's in this product?
Distilled Water
Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
Betain Anhydrous
Isotonic Saline
Silver Water
Adya Concentrate
Chaga Powder
New Vi
Ozonated Oils
Willard's Concentrate
Castor Oil
Olive Oil
Clove Bud Oil
Wormdwood Oil
Bitter Almond Oil
Cinnamon Bark
Evening Primrose Oil
Flax Seed Oil
White Thyme Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Black Cumin
Coconut Oil
Walnut Oil
Pumpkin Oil Surfactant
Orange Oil
Hydro Oxygen
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Don't take our word for it

out of 327 ratings

(327 reviews)
- by Judy , 2022-04-06 14:04:28

5.00 / 5 stars

It has really helped with sinus infections. My clients tell me it helps them with their allergies. I also sleep better if I use it before bed, less stuffiness. I never have to think about using it too often as with pharmaceuticals. I know the doc that created this. I trust him with my life.

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Works great! - by Dionysia, 2022-02-28 21:02:18

2.50 / 5 stars

After using this product for a couple of weeks a couple of years ago, I have not had a sinus infection since. Recommended it to a peer, suffered with constant nasal stuffiness and sinus infections - no problems anymore.

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Works fast on my stubborn migraines - by Laura, 2021-06-15 15:06:34

2.97 / 5 stars

I don't know why this works well on my migraines; I only know that it does. And I'm tired of taking prescription medications that cost a ton of money & have horrible side effects. Additionally, the really good prescription meds (the ones that kind of work) cease to work if I use them regularly. My neurologist says I have 'mixed migraines', which to my understanding means I have different types with different triggers. I started using Super Good Stuff nasal wash out of sheer desperation. What I noticed was: a) if I use it deep enough to get a good, very temporary 'brain burn' it will almost immediately get a lot of relief from all types of migraine headaches. Maybe not total relief, but enough to keep me productive. b) if I keep my sinuses healthy, I have less of the migraines that are triggered by sinus problems. It's worth a shot. What have you got to lose, except possibly dependence on costly prescription medications.

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out of 327 ratings