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Neuromuscular Support

Neuromuscular Supplement - Natural Muscle Relaxer*

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Supports muscle relaxation for increased overall comfort, Deeper and more restorative sleep, More flexibility, Better ease of movement*
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About Product
  • Our users report fast-acting results within 12 to 15 minutes
  • Promotes muscle relaxation, overall comfort and wellbeing
  • Encourages deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Promotes flexibility, mobility, balance 


More about this product

The toxins surrounding us daily can disrupt the communication between the brain and body. In response, the body blindly produces cortisol and this excess can make nerves contract setting off an uncomfortable chain reaction. This interrupt the natural healing response the body goes through each day…when we are balanced.

Our unique formula is an all-natural combination of botanical extracts of daisy flowers, grape leaves, and olive pit fractions/extracts bio-enhanced with our advanced, proprietary extraction technology and specifically formulated to promote normal cortisol levels in the brain and to balance amino acids. 

Take 1 capsule, 2 times daily for a minimum of 10 days or as needed. If condition continues or worsens, please see your health care professional. Use before exercise to help promote flexibility and mobility.

Synergistic Program: To help restore your body to its normal healthy state, we recommend taking a combination of: Paramune Plus, Paramune 5, Liver Recharge, MSM/TMG, Total Recall, and Perfect Plus. For additional gastrointestinal and urogenital support, include Digestrol and Urinol. For additional joint and cartilage support, include Joint Right.

What's in this product?
Daisy Flower
Grape Leaves
Olive Pit Fractions
Pineapple Fruit & Stern
Almond Powder
Orange Juice Powder
Microcrystalline Cellulose
Magnesium Stearate
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