AC Adrenal Cortex Balancing adrenal hormones not only allows your body to better navigate stressful situations, but you also help protect and promote total body health.

Supporting and balancing your body’s hormones mean you can potentially enjoy:

Positive mood*
Sound sleep*
Reduced carbohydrate cravings*
Normal healthy sex drive and function*
Relief from occasional joint discomfort*
Enhanced renal function*
How Stress Can Affect Your Body and Your Life
Hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are produced in the adrenal glands, which play a vital role in keeping you alert in times of stress. When these glands are overworked, you may find yourself suffering from adrenal exhaustion.*

Signs of Possible Adrenal Exhaustion:
Slow getting started in the morning
Constant fatigue throughout the day
Dependence on boosts of caffeine to stay alert
Cravings for starches, sugars, and other comfort foods
AC Adrenal Cortex

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Clarity and Balance Balanced hormone health for ‘turning back the clock’ Supports overall balanced energy Promotes joint and muscle flexibility and health Encourages mental clarity, focus
Clarity and Balance

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Strength & Energy Encourages balanced hormone health to ‘turn back the clock’ Supports improved energy Promotes joint health Encourages mental clarity and alertness
Strength & Energy

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Total Recall Supports increased blood flow to the brain for cerebral health Encourage increased penetration of the blood/brain barrier Support increased oxygenation of brain and nerve tissue Promote central nervous system health Improve circulatory health Promote cognitive health: memory, concentration and learning Encourage mental stamina and increased, balanced energy Support vision, ocular and auditory health Promote balanced, positive mood Promote restful, restorative sleep Encourages improved brain glucose uptake and utilization
Total Recall

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