Orgasms are pretty often regarded as being a good time for everyone in consenting sexual situations, but did you know that they are also less frequent in straight women than they are in men? According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, only about 62% of women in heterosexual relationships actually get around to orgasming during sex, compared to 85% in straight men (or 75% of women in same-sex relationships, for that matter). According to a poll by Cosmopolitan, about 2/3 of women even fake their own orgasms. This itself does not have any direct negative consequences, but there are so many benefits for women who do get to orgasm.

During an orgasm, the female body releases oxytocin, a special hormone which is known as the love hormone. It is also abundantly released when a woman goes into labor to help with the physical contractions and stimulate the production of breast milk for newborns. Oxytocin is produced in the small portion of the brain which regulates human behavior and health, the hypothalamus. The female bodies also release other important hormones like DHEA and endorphins. All of the above (and then some) have a number of positive effects on women who orgasm:

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