People are always trying to come up with new ways to keep our weight down. With everything from diets that depend almost solely on fruit and exercise routines that keep you at the gym for hours, the global weight loss market is churning out some really crazy stuff to keep us buying their products. Even though ​most people will gain back the weight they lost after the first six months, America is spending over ​$60 billion per year on diet products. Among these are the cool and new cold-pressed detox juices that seem to be taking the nation by storm with a whopping $100 million market share.

What exactly is a Detox?

The process of detoxification or a “detox” is the removal of toxins that enter your body such as pesticides, drugs, chemicals, and pollutants. It’s actually done naturally by your internal organs, particularly your liver, intestines, and kidneys during digestion. One of the main roles of the liver, in fact, is to use oxygen from your blood to transform these fat-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins which then exit your body: 1) when you go to the bathroom (hence why pee is yellow) or 2) through elimination in the colon.

Many products on the market nowadays are claiming to be detoxing, ​but it is actually impossible for something to simply enter your digestive tract and wash out “toxins” which are being removed by your body on its own.

So Then What do these Juices Do?

Well, that’s an awesome question, actually. There are two types of juice cleanses: one which adds a bottle of juice to your daily routine as a detoxing/nutritional supplement, and one which completely replaces your entire diet with solely fruit and veggie drinks. Hypothetically, they are supposed to do anything from help you lose weight to cure cancer, which sounds awesome, and that is exactly why we should be looking into what detox juices actually do before investing hundreds of dollars in a five-day cleanse.
The juice itself is okay – most if not all of it is freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetables. The idea is to increase the vitamins and minerals we take in, which can be lower than we may need in a lot of cases. Vitamins are crucial, for example, to metabolic processes, or the breaking down of food into energy for your body, which actually CAN help us lose weight. However, ​these cannot be stand-ins for a regular diet with carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein. Juicing even removes the fiber that you would usually get with something like a carrot. The result of things like this over a long period of time can include stomach cramps, physical exhaustion, electrolyte imbalances, and rises in blood sugar levels ​among other things.
On top of that, they still can’t sweep into your digestive tract and magically detox you.

The Best Way to Lose Weight is…

Moderation is key to any healthy lifestyle, according to many scientists. Exercising vigorously and dieting for short periods of time may make you feel good in the short-term, but nothing beats good habits and supporting your body, really.
That’s why we recommend ​Detox/Flush package, which includes ​Clean as a Whistle, ​Paramune Plus, ​Paramune 5, and ​Liver Gladder Flush Mix. The products work together to minimize discomfort and maximize your body’s natural detoxing with support to the body’s liver and other organs. Our Detox/Flush package promotes a healthy immune system, optimal colon health, and proper digestion and elimination.

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