Any fervent football fan will tell you that the game is a risky contact sport that comes with the possibility of being severely maimed or even killed. However, few fans know that contact with other spectators can be potentially deadly.


According to a recent study by Tulane University, flu rates spiked 18% in cities that send a team down the gilded road of fame known as the Road to the super Bowl. Now, while most people are not incredibly excited about potentially contracting the flu, it is not typically an inherent danger unless you are over 65 years old or have an autoimmune disorder. Unfortunately, the death rate for these individuals was directly correlated with the increase in flu outbreaks.


Does this mean that if you live in the three participating cities you should shutter yourself in your home until the dawn of Monday the 8th? Absolutely not. We highly encourage you to get together with friends this Sunday and participate in as many shenanigans as you can. We also recommend you take precautions while at your Super Bowl party to avoid potentially contracting a cold or flu.


1.Wash your hands patriotically, even if you hate Tom Brady.


Hand washing is one of the most effective preventative measures you can take to keep yourself healthy. Wash your hands after shaking hands, touching your face and before you eat anything. To clean off most of the bacteria please remember to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds. You can sing your team's anthem if it keeps you at the basin, but don't speed it up. That's cheating.


2. Don't Double Dip


Please, be courteous enough to not take a bite of a chip and then stick it back in the sour-cream-and-onion dip. In one drop of saliva, streptoccocus, staphylococcus, and lactobacillus room with a million other bacteria. Every last one of them ends up in that bowl, just waiting to hop a chip into the mouth of an innocent single dipper.


3. Cover Your Cough


If you have a cold, bed is the place you should be. Coughs are one of the most contagous elements of any cold and the moisture droplets they spread into the air are highly contagious even to people you are not in close proximity with. If, however, you do make it to the party, please be mindful to cover your cough with your elbow or a tissue and then wash your hands. Like a Patriot.


4. Build the Defensive Line-Up


Washing your hands, avoiding double dippers and steering clear of the cough are all great tactics to dodge the flu like a pro, but this leaves out a vital element in your strategy. To properly support the defense of your body, you need to build a strong immune system that can squelch any attempt on fourth down. We recommend Immune 89 with a regimen of Paramune Plus and Paramune 5 to support your health and wellbeing.


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