It’s official, fall is here. The leaves will be putting on a show, changing into their beautiful fall colors, but the nights will also be getting darker and colder. It can be harder to hit the gym early in the morning or go after work when the sky is dark and it feels late. Additionally, as the weather cools, you’ll have less and less incentive to go outside for a walk or run or pick-up game of hoops.

On top of less exercise, the holidays are all about food, food, food. So, before we get too deep into the holidays, prepare yourself. Now is the time to re-commit to healthy, on-going weight loss or weight maintenance. Double down on healthy eating and stick to your exercise and meal plan habits. If you’ve started to drift off track, spice things up. Make all your healthy meals for the week so you’ll have no reason to snag fast food for lunch. Invest in a personal trainer to keep you working hard, or sign up for a race at the end of the year that will force you to train.

We also suggest trying Weight-To-Go, our special supplement designed for safe and healthy weight loss. We know you’ll survive the holidays and look slim and sexy while you’re at it.