When playing sports or even just working out, many athletes have a natural tendency to go ‘all out’ from the start, especially if you are a very competitive individual. However, if you’ve ever started out too hard in a workout or competition before, you know how hard it is to recover once you hit your “red line.” Suddenly you feel like you can’t pick up your feet and your fast sprint has slowed to a turtle-like jog.

It’s important for serious athletes to learn how to pace themselves during tough workouts or events in order to conserve energy. After all, you won’t be of much use to your team if you run out of gas midway, and you may even injure yourself if you overexert yourself.

To help you stay safe and energized during your workout, focus on pacing yourself. Get a feel for your pulse and breathing as you go. It’s okay to push through certain aspects of the workout or competition, especially if you need to spring to keep up with an opponent, but then immediately bring it back down. If you find that you are gasping for breath or that your heart is pounding, then you’ve pushed yourself over your redline. Slow down, let yourself recover, and then pick it back up again.

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