The school year is once again in full swing. While your kids are filling their heads with exciting new knowledge, they may also be absorbing something not so great –germs. Every day, your children will be sitting in classrooms filled with other children. It’s no wonder that colds can run rapidly through a school.

If you want to safeguard your children from cold and flus this season, start with our ​Paramune 5. This handy spray gives your kids a powerful immune system boost so that they can evade colds and flus and avoid missing days in school and falling behind. It’s not such a bad idea for you to give ​Paramune Plus a try too. You are in contact with a lot of germs at the office and client meetings. If you’re under a lot of stress or not getting enough sleep, your immune system could be compromised. Paramune 5 can help you and your children this school year.