Men can lose their libido for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is a matter of age, physical condition, a medical issue, or certain medications they take. Other times, the problem is more psychological.

Loss of libido is not just an issue with middle aged men or seniors. Studies suggest that nearly 10% of young men struggle with erectile dysfunction. By the age of 60, up to 30% of men experience erectile dysfunction. Though physiology does play a role, especially for men as they age, the cause of erectile dysfunction in nearly 20 percent of men is believed to be performance anxiety.

High levels of stress, low self-esteem, and certain medical conditions are also known to reduce sex drive. Some conditions, like diabetes and heart disease that affect blood flow can also damage libido, as can excessive alcohol consumption.

While medications have provided relief for many men with erectile dysfunction, some men would prefer a more holistic or natural solution or would prefer not to discuss these issues with their doctor. ​If you are interested in herbal supplements, try looking for products with these sexual stimulating ingredients: