The human body has an amazing ability to adapt to the stress placed on it over time. If you haven’t run a mile in three years, your legs will feel like jelly and your lungs will be on fire the first time you try. However, if you keep running that mile every other day, in a few weeks you’ll hardly break a sweat. That’s because your heart, lungs, and muscles have actually gotten stronger as a result of the work you put them under.

Whenever you perform a challenging workout, you put your muscles under a lot of stress and cause a lot of microtears in the muscle fibers. This sounds like a bad thing, but it’s actually the process your muscles use to get stronger. As long as you give your body adequate time to rest, your muscles will repair themselves and be stronger than ever.

Rest is a crucial part of the equation to get stronger and improve your fitness, so don’t overlook it. You can also help boost your recovery with Bliss in a Bottle, an all-natural spray that supports joint and muscle recovery. It’s a perfect companion for new, intermediate, and serious athletes.