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Nitro Power

Support for Energy Production*


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Support for Energy Production*

Don’t just go through motions. Train like you mean it with Super Good Stuff’s Nitro Power supplement. This muscle supplement is designed for the serious power athlete who desires to give workouts that extra edge and add power to their game or those who want 8-10 hours of time-released energy.

Nitro Power is a combination of potent ingredients that work to promote metabolism and ATP production in the mitochondria—the true powerhouses in each of your cells—and the addition of RNA and DNA provide a source of nucleotides to support energy production.*

Very quickly after taking Super Good Stuff’s Nitro Power you will notice:

  • Better Metabolism*
  • Enhanced mental clarity*
  • Optimal recovery after training*

Our Nitro Power nutritional supplement includes a powerful balance of…

  • Guarana Seed Extract – A shrub from the Amazon that bears berries; Contains caffeine
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – Contains potent bioflavonoid-like antioxidants known as polyphenols; Supports mental function and memory and possibly longevity.*
  • Kudzu Root – Used in Chinese medicine as early as 200 BC; May promote circulation and help relieve stiffness after activity.*
  • Cordyceps Extract – A Chinese tonifying herb that’s been used for centuries to provide energy and support the kidneys and lungs.*
  • American Ginseng Root Extract – Considered an “adaptogen” that can help your body deal with stress, support your immune system, help provide energy, support digestion, and more.*

Important Note

NOT recommended after 12:00 PM
NOT recommended for pregnant or nursing women
NOT recommended it you suffer from adrenal exhaustion or high blood pressure

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