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Cold and Flu? Zinc to the rescue

Over the last two decades, the use of zinc lozenges, nasal swabs, and sprays has increased due to more widespread public knowledge of this mineral’s potential effectiveness to reduce or even eliminate cold symptoms. There is science behind this mineral’s potential to stop or slow down a cold, as well as why you should include it with your daily supplement regimen..

Support Respiratory Health

Healthy lung function is key for breathing easier. Sometimes it can be a challenge to have healthy breathing, especially with allergens, smog, dander, and other impurities floating around our air supply. This is especially true for people experiencing compromised lung function who may need additional support for a healthy respiratory system.

Superfood Boosts Nutrition

With all the supplements available these days, making sure you get the nutrition you need can be a challenge. Which formula is right for you? How much should you take? What if you don’t like swallowing tablets or capsules? Do you have special nutritional requirements? Is there an easier way to get what your body needs?

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