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Clean as a Whistle

Natural Stool Softener & Colon Cleaser for Digestive Care


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Natural Digestive Care*

Our natural colon cleanser helps combat poor digestion that can cause symptoms such as constipation, bloating, and fatigue.

If you’ve tried everything but are still suffering from a constant state of discomfort, your digestive tract may not be absorbing the full amount of nutrients and water your body needs. Super Good Stuff’s, Clean as a Whistle with magnesium oxide powder, is a patented formula designed to gently release oxygen in the digestive tract to promote cleansing and detoxification.*

In addition to supporting gentle intestinal cleansing, our colon cleanse drink Clean as a Whistle also promotes:*

  • Oxygenation of tissues and cells*
  • Cellular efficiency and detoxification*
  • Overall energy*
  • Friendly bacteria production*

What Makes Our Product Unique

Originating in Germany from the Institute for Oxygen Therapy, this formula has been commercially available and safely used since 1898.*

Unlike other magnesium supplements, the magnesium in Clean as a Whistle is a fluffy, white-powdered pharmaceutical grade of magnesium. A special proprietary process bonds ozone to the magnesium, creating Magnesium Oxide, which safely releases ozone into the body.*

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